Alex Sterling is an audio engineer and music producer based in New York City. He runs a private music studio that is designed to offer the highest level of quality and service to a diverse clientele from around the world.



Alex provides specialized creative direction and project management to both emerging and established artists. Over ten years of experience in production have given him many insights into the best practices and methods to get stand out performances and sound quality during the record making process. He also produces original music for direct release and licensing.


Throughout his recording career Alex has strived to craft sounds that engage and excite the listener. He undertakes each project with a focus on making recordings with exceptional sound quality that are consistent with the musical aesthetic of the client. Every project is unique and calls for specific tools and techniques to get the best results.


Alex has broad experience mixing music from many different genres ranging from jazz, classical, and rock to electronic, hip-hop, and world music. He also has experience with post production sound mixing for film and television. Professional mixing is a creative as well as technical process and is essential for any serious project.


Mastering makes a great mix even better and a great album come together. It takes years of listening and developing an ear as an engineer in order to understand how to perform the final enhancements and finishing touches to a project. Alex has developed techniques and hand picked equipment that help him to deliver exceptional clarity and impact in his masters.